Cleaner Comfort for Your Shop

Reusable, Antibacterial Vinyl Pillows for Tattooing

Our Product

A more sanitary alternative to cloth pillows – each 10.5″ x 20″ pillow can be covered with plastic wrap or a disposable pillow case for tattooing and wiped clean after use

Our Product

A Tattooer Owned Business ★★★ Made in the USA

Easy Care

Cover the pillow with plastic wrap or a disposable pillow case during use and wipe down the pillow with your favorite disinfectant once finished.

Cushioned Support

Polyfill stuffing provides firm but comfortable support during tattooing sessions. Soft yet durable coated material.

Built to Last

The pillows have industrial grade seaming, are mildew resistant and formaldehyde free, and have an abrasion rating of Superior (=50,000 double rub cycles)